Peters Ground This was written as a commemoration of the death of a piano pupil and friend.  Peter Prince, who I started teaching piano when he was in his 70’s from scratch.  He got to grade 5 standard.  But apart from this achievement he was a great chap full of interest and stories.  Also for his wife sadly passed away as well Mazry Prince.


Piano Blues in E ish A 12 bar blues with a strong chromatic Rhythmic bass.


Piano Sonata Movement 1 This was written during college, the piece should be much more rubato than the computer can do.  In 5 4 this movement explores variations of the opening theme.


Piano Sonata Movement 2 this movement is much calmer Satie’ish.


Piano Sonata Movement 3 Scherzo Wild arpeggiated scherzo.


Piano Sonata Movement 3 Trio This is the sandwich filling.


Piano Sonata Movement 4 Closing argument.


Prelude No 1 Written in the early 90’s as an answer to playing a lot of Bach.


Prelude No 2 More tune full perhaps.  A bit romantic.


Psaltery piece for Piano This was a little knurdling tune that I created on my Psaltery hence the title.  I then expanded it into a much more substantial piece.


Pulse Experimental Piece about rhythmic patterns. Minimilist.