A to C

323 This was a piece from the 80’s experimenting with number based music so the structure, chords and patterns are all based on….

A Jig in the Ship for Strings this lively piece is an arrangement of a piano piece, which I wrote in the Ship pub in Anstruther.  It is a happy piece throughout.  At the moment the piece does not have any directions.  Which I will one day put in.  Treat it as a you would a Baroque piece.

At Odds Piece This piece has been commercially recorded and is available here It is a Violin and Piano piece, post minimalist.

Bach Experiment, an extension of an original theme by Bach.  Written for a string group in Kirriemuir.  This folder contains a number of different arrangements including a 5 viola version.

Betramka’s Garden I wrote this on a visit to the so called Mozart’s House in Prague. When I got there, a dispute mean’t that the house was completely empty of all furniture.  So after a quick look I sat in the garden and wrote a piece of music.  My main impression was of still heat, tall old trees and the sound of insects.

Canon 16 Basse dance my 16th canon based on a basse dance from the 16th century.

Canon 19 East Neuk Canon, just a canon for string quintet or 5 violins, if you want it arranged for anything else, let me know.

Christmas Song string version This was one of two pieces written for school Christmas shows.  This was the one used.

Christmas Song two This is the second one, which is more difficult.

Christmas Suite for Strings, a collection of string arrangements in various forms of Christmas Carols originally written for piano.  They are suitable for school groups.

Cow and Cat Suite Viola and Piano version score an arrangement of a piano piece.