Small Canons 1 to 9

Small Canon 1 was modelled on the famous Thallis Canon. Small Canon 1 for violin          Small Canon 1 for viola         Small Canon 1 for cello You tube version  by me. Small Canon 2 is rhythm piece. Small Canon 2 for Violin      Small Canon 2 for Viola      Small Canon 2 for Cello You tube version by me. Small Canon 3 includes two versions with words.  All good fun for teaching kids. Small canon 3 for singing Cola version     Small canon 3 for singing tea version Small canon 3 for viola      Small canon 3 for cello You tube version by me Small Canon 4 includes words as well. Small canon 4 for violin     Small canon 4 for viola     Small canon 4 for cello You tube version by me Small Canon 5 A slinky chromatic canon, with a twisty harmony. Small canon 5 for violin     Small canon 5 for viola     Small canon 5 for cello You tube version by me. Small Canon 6 A major minor canon in 4 bar sections. Small Canon 6 for Violin Violin     Small Canon 6 for Viola     Small Canon 6 for Cello   Small Canon 7 is from a piece that I wrote.  And expanded.  A 5 bar canon. Small Canon 7 From Scottish Air quartet Violin 1 You tube version by me Small Canon 8 is also with words.  It is mostly in the minor. Small canon 8 with words     Small canon 8 with words viola version   Small Canon 9, there is no small canon 9 yet.  Not sure why.    
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