Scottish Air (Brrr) A little piece of Scottish folk mucked about with.  The computer version is awful sorry.


Scottish Nursery piece for piano Originally written for guitar, but is next to impossible.  Here is a piano version.  It is variations in a pentatonic style on a well known annoying tune that all children seem to be able to play.


Scottish Piece for Andy Written for my friend Andy sherrif in the Masonic pub.  It is a drinking tale.  It is in the form of a Scottish Waltz, with a harp section in the centre.


Simple Peer Gynt Variations Just a wee doodle on the sunrise theme by Grieg.


Spiral Blues A theme that got me wondering what a spiral would sound like in music.  Hopefully this comes across on the score.  It is a sort of 12 bar blues variations.


Spring Ground This is the original of the brass arrangement.  A ground in 7 4 in a quiet but triumphant mood.


Spring Waltz A wild and chromatic Waltz that springs in all directions.


Still Piece 2 for Piano A repeating post minimilist piece.  Sounds much better played live though, as do all of these pieces.