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Colours of the Forth White (1st Movement)

This is the first movement of my Harp Quartet suite for 4 lever harps. White refers to the local fogs which come off the sea during warmer weather and are known as the “haar”. As in the following movements I have taken care to create a 3D sound world throughout the piece, with the sound pinging from harp to harp. Also the harps as before are tuned to different keys. The piece starts with a running pattern that goes from harp to harp, the pattern is to represent the feeling of the mist droplets hitting your face as you go out and about in the town. I wanted to also represent the disorientating feeling of the Haar, with normal objects and sounds appearing altered and strange. If you play the harp and know 3 other keen harpists then you can get the music from my website, www.thewrittennote.co.uk The picture is from http://realedinburgh.wordpress.com/ .

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