O to S

Overture for strings An imagined overture to a film.  Possible Ealing Cinema?

Portcullis musings for viola and guitar A piece written while staying at the Portcullis Hotel in Stirling.


Psaltery Piece Various string versions of this tune, also available in Piano and other guises.

Quiet Piece Duets More duets of Quiet piece, also available in a wide variety of other versions including piano.

Rhumba in the Dreel viola and piano This is a free Rhumba inspired by an open mike night in the Dreel tavern when I heard a lot of strummed Guitar and thought of Spain. Viola part  Rhumba in the Dreel viola and piano Viola


Roy’s Jig Arranged from the piano piece of the same name.  Little duets.

Salutation Jig for strings A string arrangement of the piano piece written in the old Salutation pub.

Scottish Nursery piece for string group An arrangement of a piece originally written for Guitar.

Ska piece for Intermediate strings A great fun piece written for Angus Intermediate strings.  Which they performed.  Also available in a brass version.

Slipped Jig A jig written in Murray house for a project.  It is slipped because it is in 5 8!  For Violin, Viola and Piano.

Slow Air in the Masonic The original versions written in the Masonic pub.  In memory of Gavin, a great man.